«Breaking Time» collection represents a fusion of art and technology, where I have utilized AI to craft and then finely tuned portraits of iconic figures from the 60s to the 90s—celebrities who are no longer with us but whose creativity, dynamic personalities, and lasting influence continue to resonate with our generation.

In “Breaking Time,” each portrait transcends the conventional, as these cultural icons are depicted in a pose as if they are pushing through glass into our reality. This dynamic imagery is not merely a representation; it’s an interaction across time, a visual dialogue that blurs the lines between the past and the present. To achieve this tangible depth and texture, I have employed a mixed media technique, incorporating actual broken glass into each piece. This not only adds a striking visual element but also symbolizes the shattering of barriers, the breaking of the temporal divide, allowing these timeless figures to step into our world, making their presence felt once again.

The use of real broken glass brings an element of raw, unrefined beauty to the collection, emphasizing the idea that even in their absence, the impact of these cultural giants remains sharp, clear, and profoundly felt. With “Breaking Time,” I aim not only to pay homage to these iconic figures but also to evoke contemplation on the enduring power of art, personality, and cultural influence. This collection is a testament to the timelessness of true talent and the perpetual dialogue between the past and the present, the artist and the viewer, the image and the reality.