The artwork called “Obey" shows a man's hand with his thumb in a woman's mouth and the rest of his fingers positioned as if ready to strangle her.

The pictures evoke contradictory emotions in the viewer. The the first association that comes to mind is abusive and domineering.

The man's hand is portrayed in the center of the picture, marking him as the main character in this scene. Also, the male proportions are larger than the female ones, which indicates his strength and power. He is impersonal because he's a combination of numerous characters.

The woman is painted in mystical purple tones, denoting her detachment from the real world. Her eyes are closed and rivers of golden tears flow from them. She doesn’t resist the man, but simply and silently submits to his power, letting him do with herself what he wants. The golden halo testifies to the sanctity of her feelings and actions.

One gets the impression that both characters enjoy the process. As a woman submits to a man she makes her own choice of sacrifice. In turn, the man is content with his dominance and likes to see those golden tears of a woman provoked by him.

In the background there is the inscription "Obey" which indicates to the viewer the main message of the man in this piecework. It is as if the inscription voiced his thoughts.