The "BFF" paintwork depicts the famous "pinky swear" sign. This is the only artwork in the "Pervaded" collection that depicts the hands of real people, not several characters merged.

This is a story about a guy who was in love with a girl and could not tear himself away from her, he wanted to be near her all the time and make her happy. She was "the one" for him. His hand is depicted in brown and gray tones, which lets the viewer know that it is male. Unlike the author's other works, in this one Men and women are the same, which shows their equality.

The second character in the painting is a girl who is afraid when someone falls in love with her, but enjoys spending time with this guy and doesn't want to lose him. But the only thing she can offer him is friendship. They have a deep mental connection and the moment of making this "deal" to be firm friends, which took place in real life, was captured and represented in the art piece.

A golden thread intertwines their fingers and gives the viewer a sense of protected and long-term vows.
The background combines all the identifying features of the author, including the "golden textile" effect made in the author's technique.