Size: 36 W x 48 H

The painting named “Pervaded” is an icon for the artist with a tremendous energy and a feeling that fully embodies her. This is the author’s best paintwork, according to her.
The woman in illustration is so obsessed with feelings of pleasure. They permeate and saturate her as she experiences satisfaction and pain at the same time, causing her to lose control and close her eyes to the world around her, in a state of euphoria and addiction.

The woman's body was painted in purple shades, which gives her a kind of mysticism and divergence from the real world, indicating that she is living her life in her own universe, blinded from the reality. The golden halo above her head symbolizes the "holiness" of her feelings and intentions. She is pure love.
The man's body is rendered in grey and brown tones, which lets the viewer know that he is ordinary and dull, and in the eyes of observers, he is set in reality, where views are not as pure. The woman can't see that, her eyes are shrouded in a gold bandage, blinding her from intentions and truth.

The man is portrayed in larger proportions than the woman. That gives him exaltation and magnification in the eyes of a woman, in a mental way. How important and salient she feels with him, but the woman can only sense his size, not actually see his gray essence and his truth, she has made him out to be something he isn’t. His hands are above her, conveying the deification of this character in her eyes. At the same time he is faceless, we cannot actually see this person. He is a combination of multiple characters, just an average person, yet she perceives him to be very high and important as she is blinded to see his colors.
The woman in the painting is completely in love with this man, so inlove that she will do absolutely anything for him because of how blinded she has become because of love. She absolutely was dissolved in these hands and became helpless. All those emotions that she feels hold her heart and soul, but plunging her into a state of prostration and euphoria at the same time.