The art painting "Moon" is a distorted self-portrait of the artist, depicted with three eyes.

The artist came up with the idea while meditating during the full moon before the New Year.
"At one point it was as if I felt a beam from my forehead going to the moon and the world around me ceased to exist for me," says the author.
This painting was the starting point for a big change in the artist's life.

The skin of the girl from the portrait shows patterns on her skin, giving a "tribal" mood. The right eye was depicted in blue, denoting airiness, lightness, and purity. The left eye was depicted in green, symbolizing groundedness and wisdom. The third eye was made in gold colors, denoting spirituality, knowledge, and the unification of everything into a single harmony.

The background was painted purple and gold. The artwork “Moon” was given texture with mixed media.