The artwork named "Who is she" shows a woman being crucified in front of her eyes. This is the second art painting in the "Pervaded" collection that shows her without supporting characters. The whole focus and emphasis is on the woman.

She is a collective image, screaming about the pain that all women experience. She is crucified by other people's views, opinions, and stereotypes.

The artwork depicts four eyes bleeding, each with a specific message. There are messages written in the pupils. It is as if the author gives us a glimpse into people's minds and shows the world and women through their eyes, on the other side.

The first eye says trophy, desire, piece of meat, passion. This is how the first group of people view and perceive a woman.
The second eye says pure love, pure love, pure love. It is a different perception of a woman, it is "in charge" and for the author is the main true one.
In the third eye, it says control panel, nuclear bomb, and manipulation tool. These are the thoughts of a third group of people in relation to a woman.
The fourth eye has no inscription in it but is depicted in immense size and through the woman. This eye means that there may be many such perceptions, but they are all combined and harm the woman. They permeate it and kill it.

This art painting has several unique details that set it apart from other works. There is no halo, which usually always accompanies a woman in the author's paintings. In this case, it was removed intentionally, as in this picture the author is trying to show the viewer how the woman is seen by those around her. Most of them don't notice that "holy love," honesty, and naivety in her.

The inscription "anybody" means that you can perceive anyone in this way, regardless of what that person is. The inscription "nobody" means that there's no one is nobody.

The background is also distinct. This was not the author's original idea and the canvas was planned as a collaboration with another famous artist, so the first strokes were made by her hand in her style. In the process of creating the work, there were several events of judgmental, stereotypical thinking and aggression from the people around us, after which OLY.B decided to step aside and the collaboration was not completed, leaving behind only a half-painted gold canvas. But having experienced all these emotions, the artist was inspired by the idea of the painting that we can observe in the end. Since the emotions were received precisely in connection with the situations occurring around the person with whom the work was originally conceived, the author decided to maintain authenticity and not paint over the background, but to paint directly on top, preserving the associations with certain people and events.