The artwork called “Breakfast" shows us a woman as a "huntress," eating her prey. From her facial expressions and body movements, we can sense that she is dexterous and for her to get to a man's heart is a common thing and another prey.

The man is portrayed in firmly exaggerated proportions by the author, denoting his strength and that the man is exalted and magnified in the eyes of the woman and the viewer. The body was painted in brown and gray tones, showing the viewer of his normal human essence. He lies with his heart cut open by a woman, caught unawared, defeated, and exhausted.

The woman was made in purple tones, giving her a mystique. She sits on top of the man, which means she has curbed his power and subdued herself. She has a gold spoon in her hand, with which she elegantly eats another man's heart, and her expression looks flirtatious and satisfied. Above her head there is a halo, indicating that her intentions are not evil and it all happens "playfully and naively," like a holy child. The burgundy-blue lines in the background, which are a recognizable feature of the author, converge behind the woman resembling the shape of wings.

The background shows us two cats on gold seats. Based on the author's real cats, Bonnie and Clyde. Their presence in the frame means support, confidence, and unity. The whole composition of the picture makes us understand that the woman feels very relaxed and confident, "like at home. From the painting comes the feeling that despite the physical and intellectual strength of the man, he is still beyond the secret power of the woman and lets her reveal his heart. Some parts of the painting are made of real gold.