The painting called "addiction" tells the story of an addictive relationship. "I'm experiencing the same thing that addicted people are experiencing. I feel these special emotions when you're around, but when you leave I realize that it's harmful and bad for me and I want to prevent it and end it right now, I want you to never come back, but then I plunge back into all these emotions and just can't stop it and resist it," the character from the painting was quoted by the author of the artwork.

The woman's body was made in the author's usual colors of purple, reflecting her magically and showing her existence in her universe, not reality. The golden halo above her head symbolizes the "holiness" of her love and emotions.
The man's body is rendered in gray-brown tones, showing the viewer his ordinariness.

The man is portrayed in highly exaggerated proportions, giving us to understand that among the people around him he is a significant person with influence.

The woman, in turn, is portrayed as small and fragile, despite her tremendous inner strength affecting the male character. Her stance shows that his addiction sucks the energy out of her, she lets him saturate her soul.

There was an aspect of the canvas which was made in the golden textile of the artist’s signature technique, On top of which is a dusting covered with a texture reminiscent of cocaine.