New Light of Tomorrow

«Inspired by Life» collection is a culmination of my exploration and experimentation with various materials, including oil, acrylic and gold. The paintings within this collection encapsulate scenes inspired by life but reimagined into diverse forms and presented from unique perspectives.

At the heart of “Inspired by Life” is the central image of a woman personifying unity. She embodies strength, expressiveness, sensuality, openness, and eroticism. She is as wise as nature and as naive as a child, a complex embodiment of the human spirit.

I view each piece as a personal episode, a vivid tableau not only of stunning visuals but also of the experiences I’ve lived through. With each painting, I tell a different story of my feelings, the people I meet, and the phrases I utter. I take a portion of my life and soul and leave them on the canvas”.

This collection has an easily recognisable the unique blend of certain colors and the original patterns rendered in my distinctive technique. These elements are not just aesthetic choices but narrative devices, telling stories without words, evoking emotions through hues and textures.

Each piece invites the viewer to delve into a world where every stroke and color is a verse in the poetry of life as seen through my eyes.